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Welcome to the Barefoot Virtual Assistant Service

You are the most important visitor to this site, you are not dependent on me, I am dependent on you. You are not an interruption in my work, you are the purpose of it. You are not an outsider in my virtual assistant business, you are part of it. I am not doing you a favor by assisting you. You are doing me a favor by giving me the opportunity to do so.
– Mahatma Gandhi (slightly modified)

I am a freelance virtual assistant plus!

It’s taken 20 years of IT Administration, training and small business management to bring you my virtual assistant service on a freelance basis.

Because I am a very tech savvy virtual assistant, apart from doing general admin, I have the skills to eliminate the unnecessary steps in office admin workflow, by automating it. It’s exactly the type of admin system most virtual assistants would love to have for themselves!

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You could be in line to save hours of your time

A. You are overloaded with admin tasks, they are out of control and have become a real stress.
B. Your admin system is messy, prone to errors, un-professional looking and takes hours to do.
C. Your admin staff are in the same bubble of stress that you are in, and they don’t know how or what to do to help.
D. You lose track of of when things are due to be acted upon, who’s doing what and, what stage of the process things are in.

Did you say Yes?

You can benefit from my virtual assistant service

If you said yes, don’t feel bad, most people are in the same boat. The pressure to get more done in less time, beat lightning fast competition and come up with ever more money is taking it’s toll on many small business people, their families and everyone else who is involved. The good news is, a virtual assistant like me can help.

I can help put you into the “No” team

I’m like a virtual assistant on steroids!

I can help you have less stress, more time, save money and be healthier. As a very tech savvy virtual assistant I can create easy administration solutions that create added hours for doing business for profit, increase staff productivity or to simply gain you extra time for pleasure or relaxation. I figure, the happier you are, the happier our world will be.

But you have to be smart

Harness the true power of admin software

And I know you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You deserve to be in the team of small business owners who reap time, simply by using 21st Century technology correctly. Let today be the day you start to get your administration organised, automated and fast, using technology you would already have on your desktop.

What I can and can’t do to help you

This is an executive level virtual assistant service

I don’t do sales calls, manage diaries or bookkeeping, but I make it easy for the person who does. I automate admin tasks by creating documents, templates, databases, websites and marketing tools, stand alone or integrated, that can cut time spent on business administration in half. I love people over money, I don’t overwork myself (I leave that for software to do,) and I enjoy what I do. It’s the reason why I am an executive virtual assistant.

My tools of trade

Virtual Assistant Service includes MS Office
Photoshop Editing
Virtual Assistant who does databases
Virtual Assistant who programs
virtual assistant who designs websites

Case studies

Sample Solutions

There's hundreds of ways you can streamline your business admin. Here's just a few examples of how an Executive Virtual Assistant can provide solutions to problems commonly faced by small business' in Australia.

Does being an Australian Virtual Assistant make a difference?

Yes, it does. We know how Australian’s like to do business

The secret is out about virtual assistants, the ones from overseas and the ones living in Australia. There is a difference. Australian virtual assistants know the local culture and what is expected in the Australian business environment. The same as any virtual assistant, you can hire me only for the time when you need me, and no more. Let me get to know your business style, what you want to achieve and, I will simplify and complete parts of your business admin workflow to that end. I don’t waste your money and time on red tape, peripherals, holiday pay or training. A lot of my time is often booked in advance so please consider this 🙂

My Services

Documents & Templates

Word, Excel, PDF,
Publishing, Artwork.
File sharing. I create, convert and edit.

Websites & SEO

Web Design, Custom API Programming and Search Engine Optimisation.

(visit barefootwebdesign)

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing,
Social Networking,
MMS/SMS Marketing


Your best friend! Databases to record, track, query and report on all of your People, Events and “Things”

Who am I?

I am a barfoot executive virtual assistant with a twist

I am a virtual assistant with a “time = life” fixation. I don’t waste it

My challenge as a savvy virtual assistant is to not waste time when I work. Not your’s, not mine, and never on things that are unesecessary. I work hard, and when I do, I try to achieve maximum output with minimum input and resources.

You cannot visit me. I can only assist you virtually

Unless of course you have a helicopter or four wheel drive fitted with mud terrain tyres

I work remotely, in a simple cabin in the backwoods of Bellingen, Australia. My equipment is 1 PC, 1 Laptop, 1 Backup System, 1 Printer, 1 Mobile Phone, 2 Modems and lots of very good software. I can do your work from anywhere on the planet. All I need is an internet connection to you.

I use information technology properly

I am an experienced and qualified virtual assistant plus

I have mastered the art of office automation and simplification through education, training and small business management. There are great benefits in these skills and I apply them to your business admin processes using simple techniques and applications you would most often be familiar with. I do anything from very simple to very complex jobs and offer database and web programming for unique and specific functionality. I am a great resource for small business startups by planning systems that will save you money from the word “Go”.

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